Ms. Feenix




Ms. Feenix has trained professionally with fire since 2008 and in aerial arts since 2012 allowing her to travel internationally with different circus troupes. She also instructs in many fields including proper nutrition, correct body form, environmental solutions and political equality.  

Her nutrition method is based off of Dr. Gerson's work (similar to the TB12 & Keto diet) and known to cure cancer.  Her form knowledge combines Pilates, Yoga, Kung Fu, and Ballet using conditioning, strengthening and pliability along with proper alignment to prevent stress injuries (which happen to be the cause of most injuries).  She has been an environmentalist forever including living in a rv that ran off used cooking grease and working briefly for a biodiesel company.  She has fought in political causes with all her being which has led to being jailed for false arrests or for civil disobedience on numerous occasions, fulfilling hunger strikes, and even bringing cases to the U.S.Supreme Court.  She has Bachelors of Art degrees in English and Philosophy with a minor in Women's Studies from Rutgers University, Newark.  

In circus performance and teaching she ranges from fire to ground to aerial, favorites audience participation, and has directed major productions. Since her fiery conception in 2005 she has been known for her fierceness, fearlessness, and for mastering a variety of props and techniques. In the flow and fire arts she has expertise in fire eating, fire breathing, bo staff/staves, hula-hoop(s), fans, and whip(s)  in aerial she specializes in aerial Silks and aerial Lyra.  She also performs stilting, fire archery, LED props, pyro special effects, charcoal, custom fire props, and crowd pleasing participation.  

Feenix has been featured in television, films, and commercials both Nationally and World Wide. You have probably already seen her eat fire in the 2009-12 opening montage to Saturday Night Live. She has worked with Cirque du Soleil as a performer for their 25th Anniversary Celebration and instructed one of their touring Stars, The Fire God, as well as worked beside many NYC based performance troupes such as Modern Gypsies, Lady Circus/House of Yes, and Bindlestiffand within many venues including the opening for the Brooklyn Children's Museum, The Webster Hall Commercial, The National Underground, and The Gold Bar. She also was the resident performer and the lead fire coordinator for many of the infamous NYC underground parties such as the Danger, the Jungle, and the Lightning Society (as well as aerial performer and coordinator for LS) to name a few. Feenix also is the soul-creator of the renegade fire posse Free Ignition (fka Got FIre?) which has over 1000+ fire enthusiasts as members and ran for 8 years. 

Feenix has been involved in world records including being the first known female on the planet to catch a knife thrown on a full turn by a professional knife thrower. She performs for an array of clientele including cooperate events, children's and teen's parties, weddings, bars, clubs, fundraisers, festivals, charity events, video & photography shoots, and all those EPIC underground warehouse parties that are the glitter and grind of NYC Night Life. She loves charity and will absolutely provide to those events or person in need when possible (just ask).  Feenix also discovered and branded "Fire Kissing" where she gives some audience members a once in a lifetime experience to safely taste fire. She trains rigorously with different weapons, props, and techniques and is a personal trainer for anyone interested in a fun way to become fit.   Circus Strong is next level.  Nutrition and Form wisdom are on this site and advice in such sacred arts is always offered for free.  She has helped people beat impossible odds and beast out in all their mightiness and in their fiercest self. 

Ms. Feenix teaches classes, groups, and privates to both children and adults. Her classes available to all ages are fireless tool manipulation (known as the flow arts), aerial arts, and other circus arts including, but not limited to all the skills listed above. She also teaches adults (18+ only) tool manipulation on fire, but has since retired from teaching fire breathing and fire eating (for the purpose of maintaining great health). She has taught in NYC public elementary schools and taught hula-hooping with the Groove Hoops in Manhattan (one of the longest running circus classes worldwide). She custom makes props and fire gear based on individual specifications and made custom fire boots for BBoy Champion Neguin and hip hop dancing legend Secada. She also has additional tool making and fire safety courses available.   

Safety is priority and happily we can report Feenix has a flawless record of safety including for all participants, audience members, and venues. Feenix has performer's insurance on top of her flawless safety record that covers liability for both people and property for everyones' ease. Ms. Feenix has risked her own personal safety and done astounding stunts like dance in no protective gear inside a burning temple, shoot fire from her lips as great as a dragon, eaten fire while swinging on trapeze, and set ablaze the tongues of hundreds of unsuspecting audience members, and she has managed to come out of it all unscathed and has not burnt another. We thank the Gods & Goddesses of fire for this and respectfully follow their rules and wisdom when harnessing the mystery of the flame. Do not attempt to do this. Feenix is the dragon.