Ms. Feenix



Join the new wave of fitness that will wow your friends with a radically awesome change in your physicality as well as with new and amazing feats you will be capable of. Make training more then a play on numbers of your size and weight by making it a play of strength, form, endurance, pliability, flexibility, and endless skill. Learn about Nutrition, Correct Form, and the vast World of Circus Arts and inspire yourself into balance by activating the soft and hard in your body. Break bad habits that are counter productive to your potential by doing less painful & harmful activities and more awesome & impressive ones while fulfilling your dreams of an extreme fitness. Long term health, prevention of stress injuries by correcting bad posture, and full-on fitness are the goals for all students along with massive amounts of fun. Circus is an ancient art form requiring rigorous practice and beast like strength. All levels are welcome. You will shock with how quickly you advance, how your body changes, and how much you look forward to training.      

Privates Include 1 on 1 Instruction in Nutrition (always free), Form, and Training by Ms. Feenix. All ages are welcome, but under 18 must have parent's permission. Private's run 1&1/2 hours long with 30 mins of stretching included for $90 (Please Check Cancellation Policy here). Aerial Silks and Lyra (aka Aerial Hoop) [both pictured] are available individually or book a private in both apparatuses.  Flow & Fire Art instruction are also available (look in classes and rates tab for more information) in various locations throughout NYC & the world.. 

Feenix has been training and co-teaching since 2012 with Bobby Heglin-Taylor (director of Circus Choreo for Broadway's Pippen) and Manager of Streb. He has been in the industry forever and knows everything and everyone. She also trained her first year with Seanna Sharpe of the Williamsburg Bridge Stunt fame and is based in Lebanon now.  Seanna taught her a fierce foundation she adheres to strictly which is brilliant for the body.


Whether you need a helping hand or can do it on your own Ms. Feenix will support you to the ultimate goal of graceful execution & well being. 

Privates can be split up to 2 people for $120 total 

or $30 additional per person up to 4 people 

or for the class rate of $30 per student if more then 4 people. 

 Privates are held in her private studio in the East Village 

or at Streb the Giant Circus Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  

From Beginner to Expert Dancer and Athlete

Ms. Feenix has trained all levels.

Barter is welcome when applicable

 and all financial class is given the opportunity to improve.

All ages & levels are welcome to learn to fly.