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Constantly Improving (updated 5/14/2021)






Where everything aligns & feels effortless.

Visualize and Train in Strengthening, Conditioning, Pliaibilty, Stretching, and Lengthening for injury prevention.


TUCK TAIL BONE: imagine coccyx (tailbone) as a skirt and sweep it down under when you sit, lay, stand in stillness or movement unless specifically different for a movement and with precise purpose and knowledge. The tipping down/in of the tailbone should not be overdone and when right such engages the glutes, hams, calves, and core muscle. Elongation through to the toes and up out the torso from this place. At no time should anything feel painful. Listen to your intuition above all else.


BENT KNEES: slight bend at most ALL times to relieve pressure in the knees and keep alignment towards center line.


ENGAGE FEET: feel everywhere including the full bottom of feet. Engage back of heels and Stretch through toes. Flex or Point unless transitioning.


ENGAGE CORE: this is automatic once tail bone tucks properly. Engaged is Free of tension. The lumbar spine is key here. Make sure placement is pain free.


NEUTRAL SPINE: Spines are not “straight”. Find elongation and space between each vertebrae on all sides. Pull tailbone towards Earth and raise torso to sky.


TITS UP: Chest raised to sky. Heart front and center while keeping spine neutral and tailbone tucked. Shoulder should naturally want to go back.


SHOULDERS DOWN & BACK: Heart to sky will bring shoulders back but also bring them down. Careful not to over due this and observe the body to keep all else aligned. When lifting, carrying, ect. use/engage back muscles(to keep shoulders/ back safe). Press shoulders in to sockets to use the full of the massive back muscle. Should feel such at the top of ribs.


ELBOW PITS FACING: Relax the arms in most instances. Face elbow pits towards eachother. Keep in movement and poses unless otherwise needed.


CHIN SQUARE & NECK RAISED: Chin square, head raised, raise back of the neck so spine elongates and front of throat to space everywhere between vertebrae.


HEAD HIGH: Float the head high and lift the torso while the tail bone pulls down and away to maximize lengthening, but no strain in any direction. Use the weight of the head as leverage in certain stretches.



STACKING: for best support keep joints on top of one another and not swaying crooked. Head over spine, shoulders over hips, hips on top of knees, knees over heels. Rare exceptions for certain moves/transitions excluded. In most moves stacking is key. Imagine a line down the core of your body and the plane of your body is a straight wall from there where everything stacks like shelving on top one another-nothing jolting out is left unsupported.


SQUARE HIPS: Train squared for safety. Dancer or off center splits ect. are more risky tho they look deceivingly more flexible. Careful when not square. Use your hip flexors or bone there to determine square. Keep them pointing squarely / aligned with centerline.






Without form stress injuries will occur in time and chronic pain commences.


Keep remembering and correcting until it is first nature.


It is not about anything external. Example: get head to shin, lift 1000 pounds, ect.


It is about the internal observation into an effortless strength.

Finding form raises all other parts of the exercise and prevents unnecessary injuries.


Remember to always keep observing the sensations inside your body and habitually correct all parts until such is first nature.


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Constantly Improving (updated 5/14/2021)

Start here & read in order.

Decide what order is best for you. Proceed from there but I have listed them in order of importance so best to try and follow such as is. That being said:




1st tip:

Always check with a trusted & tested true Doctor when making changes whether they be in your diet, supplements, Rxs, or other routines &/or circumstances.


ALSO always research with multiple sources to validate such as well and trust your intuition above all.


Information here is preventative methods & holistic healing. At times the line for such is crossed or the instance extraordinary & then other medical protocol is utilized. The order of treatment is preventative first, holistic healing next, then other medical help.

Most sickness is preventable and also most is wholistically treatable, but when all else fails it is nice to have surgical or other options especially considering starting points are often so bad in the USA that correction is an uphill battle. Still please start with preventative and non-invasive organic inclined methods as they have the least side effects or none at all.


Proper self-care is tragically not possible to all due to class discrimination. Lack of finances can prevent health products/treatment affordability, needed rest, &/or affect environmental factors such as air, water, and ground quality. Do your best & prioritize prevention. The present reality that class effects health most be abolished. We can do our part by making proper health more common driving down prices and fighting the industries that refuse to allow such. Also by supporting free medical for all and proper funding to the poor. Do not live in entitlement.

Sharing the wealth is the only way to truly attain such. Share health cause it is our true wealth!



2nd tip:

Only ever change 1-3 habits at a time. Once one is changed successfully for 3 months another can be added.

Often one change at a time is best to observe the effects.


Observation is key and your gut is the best guide. Believe you 1st.


Choose any of the 1-3 habit changes & stay disciplined. Less is often more, but more than 3 is likely failure.

Break down the following advice into parts so if the changes are compounded take them as more than one change.

Feel no guilt for mistakes- eat cheats are fine in moderation. Guilt often makes people feel like quitting so unless the guilt gets you back on track do not utilize it. No one is perfect.



3rd tip:

Observation of bodily sensations rules. What works for someone else may not be best for another. The science of bodies is a formula, but the unique nature of individuals must be accounted for. Believe your clear observations & follow your needs above any one else’s advice.



4th tip:

Hydration! Drink water slowly & all day. This is not to be understated. HYDRATE NOW & ALWAYS.

Want to lose weight? hydrate.

A healthy body is hydrated.

Clean water is mandatory. Charcoal filters are my preference. Hydrate with meals if retention is an issue. Also add electrolytes to super charge your body’s performance!


HYDRATION is priority! Humans are 60% water. Air, Water, and Food is the order of necessity. Cleanliness is mandatory. Hydration effects metabolism, digestion, lubrication, oxygen, nutrient circulation, ect.


*Drink half your body weight in ounces/day & even more when needed. Balance electrolytes for optimal use.



5th tip:

Do NOT skip meals! Get your metabolism working for you not against you. Calorie restricted diets are an abusive scam. Realizing this will set you free. You still have to moderate what you eat cause a nutritionally dense diet is mandatory to health, but first stop skipping meals. Starvation stops metabolism. Eat 3-6 meals per day & do not skip ANY. 3 meals are slightly bigger and 6 are more grazing snack sized. All should stay balanced. On the go? A cold pressed green juice & protein bar can be a replacement meal when time restricts.



6th tip:

Balance! Nutritionally dense meals are key to health. Not skipping meals is helpful regardless but will not be the solution you need if such is not balanced. Protein and digestive greens are essential to this balance. They support digesting the protein needed to maintain and optimal healthy body while providing vitamins and minerals. Still supplements to heal years of bad habits and to make up for what daily diets don’t provide are usually still needed. Don’t worry about this yet. We will get into that later once the meals are balanced out.

The general rule is half your weight in grams for protein per day, good fats & low carbs moderated, and a TON of digestive greens. I mean a ton a day! well not quite a literal ton but well over 20+ oz. of cold pressed green juices a day which is equivalent to eating a slew of raw or slow sautéed greens. Stop steaming/boiling greens it loses the potency. Cold pressed is far more potent than regular juicing in vitamin absorption so might as well and the juices last longer. I find it near impossible to eat as many greens in a day as needed so I drink 2-4 12oz CP green juices that have less than 20 grams of total carbs per serving on top of eating veggies often.

Spread this formula throughout every meal. No meal should be out of balance.

Stay at about 90% and allow for mistakes.

Guilt can be helpful or hindering. Guilt to get/stay on course is good. Perfection is not realistically achievable so if a mistake is made- drop the guilt & move on. Guilt that makes you give up is an excuse. Drop the guilt unless it helps you get on a healthy trajectory.



7th tip:

REST! Too much is lazy & too little is detrimental. Get more if recovery is needed & 8 hrs./day standard. Some say 9 hours and uninterrupted is best but perhaps incremental sleeping work better. Either way a set schedule is also recommended.

Rest is crucial to recovery & weight management & essential to optimal performance.

Do NOT underestimate the power of RESTING THE BODY even if a mind stirs- still the body.

Feeling inflammation can often be cured with a good sleep. Stop working thru injuries this causes recovery to double or more. Rest when your body calls for it. This is another lie given to us. The starvation diet scam and the work til you fall over con.



8th tip:

Organic. Toxins such as pesticides are inflammatory and sickening. Beyond bad for weight & health. Eat organic. 1st step to such is to switch what you like now to organic sources that are comparable. Cookies for organic cookies, potato chips for organic ones, bread, milk, meat, soups, sauces, ect. Whole foods later. Cut the poison out now.


1st step in organic: SUBSTITUTE EVERYTHING from food, laundry, cleaning supplies, tattoo inks, “beauty” products, construction materials ect. for comparable products or eliminate use. Find what you like that works & meets ORGANIC STANDARDS. Later go TOTAL WHOLISTIC. Small steps.


Organic Substitutes in grade &/or certification. the important part being pesticide, herbicide, ect. free. Fair trade & pasture raised are also major considerations. Trade bleach for distilled white vinegar to clean. Ditch dumping poisons into toilets aka wayer supply(they poison our water and over time corrode your pipes causing worse problems then the original clog). In fact proper disposal is key and the toilet or sewers are our water supply so that is not even good to shit in never mind poison.

Rethink your position on everything you use and stop consuming for the sake of consumption. Research the products and fine tune such as you go!


Organic certification is often not enough- it has to be pesticide, chemical, ect FREE. Pasture raised for non-vegan products. Processing limited to none is best. Fair trade & humanely resourced for ethical responsibility. Start researching as you go and keep improving. ��


Wholistic is a process that takes years or even decades to fully embrace. Organic begins with substituting what you know for the very similar organic product. Eventually wholistic is all products are whole with one ingredient and all processing is hand done. Recipes are traded. Start slow as this organic step is a bunch of small steps you need to do one at a time and grow from throughout the years. Switching processed foods now for organic processed foods is a big step so start there.


Nutrition takes years to learn & achieve. Start & continue slowly changing habits. Improve aim. Observe & listen to your body. Realize what hurts & what heals by feeling sensations during & after eating. Nourishment is not forced as time goes on & the internal journey fascinates. After a while tuning in is on all the time and harmful products or processes will no longer be attractive or craved instead the desire for health and healing takes over. For now a little discipline may need to be coerced but soon it is natural.