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Great Strides Walk to Heal Cystic Fibrosis  

Ms. Feenix walks (while hula-hooping) in honor of her deceased friend Gigi to keep her memory alive and to raise money and awareness to find a cure! She has volunteered her clowning and hula hooping services for the event, which raised a phenomenal million dollars at the Point Pleasant location one year. Join the fun, join Feenix's team Gigi's Gang, and walk the walk. If you can't make it please donate whatever you can to help the many children effected by this horrible sickness! Together we can find a cure, heal those effected, and save lives!!!

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Hurricane Sandy Occupy Relief

Besides the grunge work of cleaning the flood ridden basements of complete strangers, Ms. Feenix also headed up a pop up kitchen that fed 100s of people hot food, donated her full-time and supplies to the effort in areas like Coney Island and the Rockaways, performed at several charity events to raise funds and awareness, and was part of the first ever Rockaway Kids Carnival to lift the spirits of the children who have lost so much due to the storm.  

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Love Japan

An appreciation letter from the children in Japan. The first lines about Ms. Feenix say, "Today breathing fire, eating fire showing us this amazing thing, thank you very much... If you have something else, at that time I would show you my unicycle riding, please watch!!"

Operation Thunder Stick is a certified 501-C3 Non-Profit Organization. Click here to see the past missions of Feenix and other super heroes alike. Ms. Feenix performed, instructed, and entertained the survivors on the one year anniversary of the Tsunami in Kesennuma, Japan where 1/3 of the city was destroyed in less then 7 minutes. This group has sent out alternating crews who have been helping to rebuild the city structure and improve the morale since the tsunami occurred. March 11, 2012 was the one year anniversary of the Tohoku Kanto Earth Quake and Feenix along with The Operation Thuderstick Crew were there in commemoration of the event that devastated a nation. There Feenix performed in her first Kabuki style play that represented the struggle the people of Japan faced after Earthquake, Volcano, Tsunami, and Nuclear disaster devastated their livelihoods but not their Spirits.  The people of Kesunnuma are some of the kindest souls one could ever meet. The children of Kesennuma partook in the show and were the center of the plot allowing their own performances, grievances, and dedications to come alive. The week was filled with classes for the children and performances for young and old, one of the most notable was an assisted living home where the people were thrilled to sing along and interact with the show. Feenix taught different classes such as Hula Hooping, Staff, and Poi and performed fire eating, fire breathing, hula hooping, and fans like they never saw before! Feenix shipped out all the tools necessary for these classes including $1200 worth of circus props , which she wrangled up from different circus prop makers from across the continent. All props were donated as gifts to the Japanese children and adults after such classes were complete. Donations ARE still being accepted to support the next venture.  

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... Ms Feenix has also performed for and given to dozens upon dozens of charities including the World Wide Orphan Foundation, American Heart Association, Mythic Bridge, and so many more.

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