Ms. Feenix



Silks @ Streb in Williamsburg Brooklyn (51st North 1st) led by Bobby Hedglin-Taylor with 3 amazing assistant teachers including Feenix, multiple points, and 25+ foot ceilings.  Fly on over. $30 cash only 

and all levels welcome.

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Bobby is an amazing aerialist with a vast language who choreographed aerial for Broadway shows such as Pippen and trains their stars (often they even attend class). He is a leader in the industry and has been at it for decades so his resume is extensive. Feenix has been under his mentorship since 2012.  Recommended to attend his class even if Feenix is not assisting!

Contact Feenix to make sure class is on and to find out when she is teaching. Class is all year excluding venue closings.   


Groove Hoops was by far the greatest hula-hoop class running with ample space, bright lighting, a large following, and all levels welcome. The class was led by Stefan Spins with Feenix & other world famous special guest hula-hoop teachers dropping in all the time or resident assisting too. Held at the Y on 14th Street (between 1st & 2nd Avenues) in Manhattan every Monday, but after over a decade this class has since retired. We can't bear to take down the mention tho. 

Stefan is known as the 'father of hula-hooping' and is found in most documentaries on the widespread popularity of hula-hooping. Feenix began hula-hooping when she was a child winning various contests and blossomed further after being introduced to Groove Hoops and Stefan in 2003. 


Workshop, Festival, & Kid Classes TBA

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Ms. Feenix to hear about other upcoming classes.

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Please stretch prior and after all lessons to reduce the risk of injury and significantly increase the benefits!!!!!